NAIST Professor invited to ICICS 2019

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BOGOR- International Conferences of the Indonesian Chemical Society (ICICS) was successfully held in IPB International Convention Centre during August 6-7, 2019. This conference is yearly organized by Himpunan Kimia Indonesia (Indonesian Chemical Society) and this year is the eighth since started in 2012. The event is built as a platform to present progress of all field of chemistry in Indonesia, accommodate annual meeting and congress of the society, and confer awards for Indonesian chemist. This year, chemists from all over Indonesia and other countries gathered in this conference which themed “Chemistry for human welfare”.

Prof. Tsuyoshi Kawai, a NAIST Professor from Material Science was attended the event and invited as a keynote speaker. He presented his project “Photon-quantitative reaction of Photochromic Terarylenes and Their Higher Functionalization” in front of hundreds of participants. After the conference, Prof. Kawai visited NAIST Indonesia office and made discussion with IPB staffs, Dr. Noviyan and Dr. Berry Juliandi to seek collaboration opportunity between NAIST Material Science and IPB, particularly with department of chemistry. Prof. Kawai and IPB staffs enjoyed a local Indonesian coffee while having serious conversation. We wait a collaborative work to be initiated soon in the future.

NAIST Alumni and staffs gathered in Iida san birthday event

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KYOTO-In April 13, 2019, couple of NAIST alumni travelled from Indonesia to Japan to join the 80th Iida san birthday celebration. The event was held in the Four Seasons Hotel, Kyoto. In this venue, more than ten alumni gathered with their NAIST professors, NAIST current and former presidents, and of course Mrs. Sachiko Iida (Iida san), founder of Iida foundation.

Historically, Iida foundation has been supporting Indonesian students to pursue their study in NAIST since 1995. In total, the organisation has sponsored ten Indonesian students with full scholarship from 1995 to 2012. Prof. Maksum Radji from UI was the first awardee of this Iida scholarship whereas Dr. Ika Mayasari from IPB, who graduated in 2012, was the last receiver. Despite the termination of full scholarship program, Iida foundation still continually show their support to Indonesian students by sponsoring many INAA events and short-term research program.

These stories above reflect the importance of Iida foundation both for Indonesian students and NAIST. The gathering and birthday celebration of Iida san is held to maintain and increase the bonding among all the people related to this foundation. At the end, we are all wishes a happiest birthday for Iida san and gratitude for her support given to NAIST Indonesian students.


NAIST alumni won award from World Federation of Science Journalists

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Dr. Berry Juliandi, alumni of NAIST Biological Science received award from World Federation of Science Journalist in Switzerland earlier this month. This award is part of recognition on his collaborative work with Ms. Dyna Rochmyaningsih on advocating research regulation in Indonesia. Their work is initially published in two leading science publishers, Nature and Science. Afterward, his leading advocacy on opposing new strict rules for foreign researcher gained more attention from mass media both national and international in 2018-2019. This result many articles published by domestic and foreign publisher amplifying his taught.

Dr. Berry Juliandi was studied in NAIST for doctoral program from 2008 to 2011. He used to work in a global leading stem cell laboratory in NAIST and produced many high-quality articles during his study. After returning to Indonesia, he initiated the establishment of NAIST Indonesia office in 2016 to wider collaboration opportunity between NAIST and many Indonesia universities.


NAIST Professor visiting Indonesia in July 2019

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Prof. Masashi Kawaichi, a NAIST professor emeritus as well as the head of The Division for Educational Development visited Indonesia in July 7-13, 2019. During this visit, he engaged in several activities including inspection of NAIST Indonesia office, discussion with alumni, open consultation for student candidates, visit to a Japanese company, promotion of NAIST in a university, and visit to LIPI.

In the first day, Prof. Kawaichi had a talk with alumni concerning student recruitment and enhancement of collaboration between NAIST and partner universities in Indonesia. He then opened consultation for student candidates before discussing management of the NAIST Indonesia office with the current officer.

In the second day, Prof. Kawaichi visited Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate (BeFa), a Japanese company responsible for developing the Bekasi Industrial park, to initiate discussion on a collaborative project of developing a higher educational facility in Bekasi. After the visit, he took a flight to Bandar Lampung to visit Institut Teknologi Sumatera (ITERA).

During his first visit in ITERA on July 9 and 10, Prof. Kawaichi gave a talk at the stadium general attended by hundreds of faculty members and students. Prof. Kawaichi shared stories about his research and educational activities in NAIST with all attendees.

In July 11, Prof. Kawaichi concluded his activities in Bogor by visiting NAIST alumni at LIPI before moving to Yogyakarta to meet other alumni and inspect the NAIST-UGM office.

NAIST delegates visit the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia

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NAIST plate, next to the university entrance gate

Jakarta –  On January 15, 2019, NAIST delegates consisting of Prof. Masashi Kawaichi (NAIST Indonesia Office), Dr. Takahito Shikano (Chief, NAIST Collaboration Office), and Mrs. Hiromi Kobayashi  (Head, NAIST International Affairs Office) accompanied by Dr. Muchdar Davis, a representative of the Indonesian NAIST Alumni Association (INAA) pay a courtesy visit to Mr. Keichii Yamaguchi, the First Secretary for Education affairs, The Embassy of Japan in Indonesia in Jakarta.

In this cordial meeting, Prof. Kawaichi and Mr. Yamaguchi discuss several issues including NAIST collaboration in Indonesia and the scarcity and competitiveness of scholarships for Indonesian candidates to Japan. Mr. Yamaguchi expresses his appreciation for INAA participation in “Friends of Japan” program, contributing to the promotion of networking between Japan and Indonesia.

Indonesian Alumni host Prof. Hirota and Prof. Nakashima lecture in UGM, UI, and IPB

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Indonesian NAIST alumni association in collaboration with NAIST partner universities in Indonesia, UGM, IPB, and UI, separately held a scientific seminar featuring two NAIST professors, Prof. Yasuhiko Nakashima (Division of Information science) and Prof. Shun Hirota (Division of Materials Science) on January 14-15, 2019. The event was held simultaneously with the inspection of NAIST-UGM Collaboration Office in Yogyakarta and NAIST Indonesia Office in Bogor. On January 14, the lecture was hosted by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) UGM at Common Room IUP FMIPA UGM. On January 15, the event was hosted by the Department of Biology IPB at Ruang Sidang Departemen Biologi, FMIPA IPB Darmaga Campus;  and by the Faculty of Pharmacy UI at Room PC101 Health Science Cluster UI, Depok.

The lecture was attended by dozens of students and staffs from each university. Prof. Nakashima delivered a lecture about the science and development of computer architecture. Prof. Hirota talked about protein supramolecule and its prospect for drug delivery. In between the scientific talks, Dr. Masako Shimamoto from NAIST Educational Collaboration Office introduced about education in NAIST.

NAIST participates in JASSO Study-in-Japan Fair 2018

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JAKARTA – NAIST Indonesia Office in collaboration with Indonesian NAIST Alumni Association (INAA) attended NAIST booth in JASSO Study-in-Japan Fair 2018 at Jakarta Convention Center on September 30, 2018.

During this biggest annual Japan education expo in Indonesia, NAIST was represented by Prof. Masashi Kawaichi (Head of NAIST Indonesia Office), Assoc. Prof. Yalikun Yaxiaer (Division of Materials Science, NAIST), Assoc. Prof. Sakriani Sakti (Division of Information Science, NAIST), and Dr. Muchdar Davis (Indonesian NAIST Alumni Association).

Hundreds of enthusiastic visitors came to NAIST booth to get the latest info on the education program in NAIST, admission protocol, and scholarship opportunities.

Indonesian Alumni held the INAA Gathering 2018 in Bandung

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BANDUNG – Indonesian NAIST Alumni Association (INAA) held a biennial alumni gathering on July 11, 2018 at Telkom University, Bandung. NAIST alumni and their family gather in a friendly atmosphere at ICAO auditorium Telkom University. The event is hosted by Dr. Khoirul Anwar, a NAIST alumnus who is a lecturer and researcher at Center for Advanced Wireless Technologies, Telkom University. Opening remarks were conveyed by Dr. Bambang Setia Nugroho (Dean of School of Electrical Engineering, Telkom University), and Prof. Dr. Masashi Kawaichi (Head of NAIST Indonesia Office). In that opportunity, Prof. Kawaichi briefly presented about NAIST and its new education program to audiences.

The INAA gathering 2018 carried a theme of “Towards Solid and Contributive Alumni Organization”. Prof. Dr. Edy Meiyanto, the chairman of INAA, started the meeting with socialization of INAA’s Article of Association and Bylaws to the audience, and then hosted a discussion on INAA work program and miscellaneous matters. In the end of the meeting Muchdar Davis, an alumnus who is appointed by INAA as the administrator of NAIST Indonesia Office reported the office activities.

The gathering is concluded by visiting some public attraction in Bandung, including Trans Studio theme park, watching bamboo musical instrument performance at Saung Mang Udjo, and visiting Kawah Putih volcano crater.

NAIST Indonesia Office Inaugural Symposium in Bogor, Indonesia

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An inaugural symposium of NAIST Indonesia office was held on August 22, 2016, in IPB International Convention Center, Bogor, Indonesia. The event was a follow-up of the recent opening NAIST Indonesia office in Bogor. NAIST Indonesia Office is the first education collaborative office established overseas. The symposium was attended by academics, researchers, students as well as public from various backgrounds.

The symposium began with NAIST President Prof. Naotake Ogasawara giving an opening remark on the history between NAIST and Indonesia. In the occasion, some NAIST delegates came along with President Ogasawara including Vice President Mikio Kataoka, Prof. Masashi Kawaichi, Prof. Inoue, Prof. Hiroshi Takagi, and Prof. Kiyomi Kakiuchi. Following President Ogasawara Remark, Rector of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Dr. Herry Suhardiyanto, and former Rector of IPB Dr. Ahmad Ansori Mattjik consecutively gave their speeches. The symposium also presented Dr. Ira Nurhayati Djarot, Director of Research System and Development of Science and Technology, Ministry of Ristekdikti; and Mr. Keiichii Yamaguchi representative of Embassy of Japan in Indonesia.

NAIST alumni from universities in Indonesia, including the late Dr. Utut Widyastuti Suharsono (IPB), Dr. Arry Yanuar (Universitas Indonesia), Dr. Yekti Purwestri (Universitas Gadjah Mada), and Dr. Retno Supriyanti (Universitas Jenderal Soedirman) each presented the of their universities profiles in the symposium. At the end of symposium, more NAIST alumni who attent the event, including Prof. Eddy Meiyanto (Chairman of Indonesian Alumni Association, INAA), Dr. Berry Juliandi (Vice Chairman of INAA), Dr. Ade Arsianti (UI) Dr. Farit Afendi (IPB), Dr. Ika Mayasari (IPB), Dr. Indah Wijayanti (IPB), Dr. Rika Astuti (IPB), together with Prof. Sony Suharsono (Advisory board of INAA) joined the photo session. Click here* for more about NAIST Indonesia office inaugural symposium.

NAIST Establishes the First Overseas Education Collaboration Office in Bogor

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NAIST Indonesia Office, the first NAIST’ overseas office for education and research collaboration was established and officially open in Bogor, Indonesia on 8 April 2017. No less than five NAIST officials from Japan, including President Naotake Ogasawara, Vice President Mikio Kataoka, and Director of Division for Global Education, Dr. Sachi Ando attended the office’ signing and opening ceremony at IPB Alumni Building. Attending the event, Rector of IPB Prof. Hery Suhardiyanto, Manager of IPB alumni building Ms. Via Salvinia, and Indonesian NAIST alumni from various Indonesian universities.

Establishment of the Indonesia Office is NAIST commitment as one of the most prestigious Japanese universities selected for MEXT flagship project of Top Global University (2014-2023). This office is visioned to strengthen NAIST international presence as a global excellence in advanced science and technology graduate education. NAIST has indeed a history of comprehensive collaboration with Indonesian universities. Since its establishment in 1991, NAIST has accepted over 100 students from Indonesia. At present, there are 37 doctoral graduates from NAIST that are active faculty members and researchers in prestigious universities in Indonesia, including Universitas Indonesia (UI), Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Bogor Agricultural University, Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Hasanuddin University (Unhas), and Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed). The NAIST alumni community in Indonesia is very organized and has led to the forming of Indonesian NAIST alumni association (INAA).

At the helm of the NAIST Indonesia Office is Prof. Masashi Kawaichi. In addition to lead the Indonesia Office, Prof. Kawaichi is also Head of Division of Educational Development at NAIST. NAIST Indonesia Office will serve to facilitate recruitment of excellent international students, enhancing collaboration with partner universities, and maintaining good relationship with the Indonesian alumni, as well as promoting collaborative research with the alumni. In the future, the NAIST Indonesia Office is expected to serve as a regional hub in Asia to further connect NAIST to cooperating countries and institutions.

For more news on the opening of NAIST Indonesia Office, please check the links below: